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An authorized Independent AMSOIL Dealer that can service Wasilla, Alaska and can offer help and support with your product selection:
James Stegall Phone: (907) 830-0188

AMSOIL products are primarily sold through the mail and delivered by Amsoil delivered UPS to Wasilla, Alaska United Parcel Service. The vast majority of people who buy Amsoil products do so by ordering through the factory direct color catalog or from the on-line store. It's much easier to get the product information from the catalog. With the "preferred discount" the cost delivered to your door would be cheaper than picking the products up from a dealer, plus the fact that you can be sure to get the correct oil filters while most dealers don't carry them in stock.

Amsoil visiting OCC

Visit James's AMSOIL site for Wasilla, Alaska web site or fill out a catalog request below.

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AMSOIL is only shipped within the USA and CANADA.

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Dealership Option #1
Please send me a dealership application with my catalog so I can be a home AMSOIL dealer (i.e. getting dealer discounts, selling to friends, relatives, businesses or car clubs using small quantities or no inventory, etc.) ($30/yr. dealership fee applies)
Dealership Option #2

I want to keep a large inventory of AMSOIL products on hand to sell to the public for people who walk into my store or I have a shop that performs oil changes and wish to sell the 7,500 mile oil. (Typically: Quick lubes, small auto parts stores, high performance shops, motorcycle shop, boating or marine supplies store, etc)
Includes optional credit application.
No minimum order requirements.
Note: Legal corporation and Public Access storefront required

High Quantity Commercial Usage/Consumption
I want to save money with AMSOIL in a commercial environment and need to use large quantities (typically 30 or 55 gallon drums) for my company or government (i.e. trucking fleet, rental car agency, police department, landscaping or other establishment using numerous vehicles or equipment) and other areas. I would probably need hundreds or thousands of quarts per year and wish to get wholesale pricing for this volume.
Includes optional credit application.
Oil is for consumption and not for resale.
No minimum order requirements.
Note: Legal corporation required

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Amsoil Dealer, James Stegall, covering Wasilla, Alaska and surrounding areas Also incorrectly called Ams oil or Amzoil
Authorized Amsoil Independent Dealer for Synthetic Motor Oil
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