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How do I Buy AMSOIL Wholesale and get the best  prices on their products? The following are four methods for purchasing Amsoil at a discount.

Lets take a look at how you can buy AMSOIL wholesale.  AMSOIL currently has four factory direct wholesale accounts available. Selecting the appropriate account can save up to 25% off the retail selling price. Determine which is the best fit for you! To learn more about each type of account, click on the link below.

#1 AMSOIL Preferred Customer Account

#2 AMSOIL Dealership Account 

#3 AMSOIL Retailer Account 

#4 AMSOIL Commercial Account 

The following information will explain the four wholesale pricing plans that way you can select the plan that works best for you. To get you started, Amsoil is offering a free six-month trial of a preferred customer account that entitles you to approximately 25% off the majority of our products.

There is additional information about this program below, as well as a link to fill out your information so we can set you up with the distribution center, allowing you to purchase wholesale for six months, directly from the factory, with no mark-up by retail stores.

Additionally, dealership information is included below if you’re interested in selling and earning some extra money. We can get you up and running immediately!

#1 AMSOIL Preferred Customer Account

If this account works for you it can be added to your cart at check out.  You will be able to purchase all AMSOIL products at wholesale prices – a savings of approximately 25%. You’ll pay a flat rate of for shipping, or get FREE SHIPPING when you spend $100 or more. Additionally, Preferred Customers receive wholesale pricing on future orders for the duration of their membership in the Preferred Customer program. Annual memberships can be renewed via auto renew.

   Not only do you save up to 25% on AMSOIL products, but you also get the following benefits:

  • Orders of $100 or more ($130 in Canada) qualify for free shipping.

  • Orders that fall below these thresholds will be charged a flat rate of $9.99 ($12.99 in Canada).
  • Throughout the year, we offer special promotional offers.
  • $5 Birthday Present 
  • $5 reward for every $100 spent on AMSOIL products. When you spend $500 or more in a calendar year, you receive a FREE membership renewal.
  • There is no minimum order.
  • Simplified Purchasing – No Dealer Hunt

You Can Always Obtain AMSOIL Products Whenever and Wherever! Buy AMSOIL Wholesale TodayBuy Amsoil products wholesale

Is the Dealer from whom you were purchasing AMSOIL no longer in business? Has he or she left town? AMSOIL Preferred Customers can place their order by phone or online — ANYTIME – ANYWHERE!

Individuals purchase AMSOIL from a local dealer, a local retailer, or from the AMSOIL Retail Catalog without realizing they can purchase AMSOIL at Wholesale Prices. There are no minimum order requirements! Additionally, Preferred Customers receive Free Shipping on orders of $100 or more ($130 in Canada), and pay only a flat rate for orders below these thresholds.

SIGN UP As An AMSOIL Preferred Customer TODAY!

#2 AMSOIL Dealership Account 

The next account is if you want to take the next step and start selling AMSOIL Products and make a commission from doing so.

Here a few steps to get you started. If you put the work in you can create a lifestyle and business you can enjoy for years to come. 

Step #1 Join the AMSOIL Family Now

You pay a small registration fee is all you need to become a dealer. Click here or follow become a dealer link at the top of the bag to register. After you sign up check your email for dealership account confirmation and access to online tools for new dealers. 

Step #2 Check Out Your AMSOIL Dealer Starter Kit 

Once you’re ready, AMSOIL will send you a dealer starter kit. It will be loaded with everything you need to get started, including product samples, so you can experience AMSOIL products and share your story with others. 

Step #3 Get Personal AMSOIL Business Support 

AMSOIL makes sure you have all the industry-leading product and sales tools you need. They do the heavy lifting, so you can focus on building relationships. 

How to Start Amsoil Dealership Wholesale Business Step #4 Start Selling AMSOIL Products and Get Paid

You’ll be confident putting your name behind a product as respected as AMSOIL. And your customers will thank you for giving them the best deal on a product they already know and love. The more you sell, the more you earn. It is really that simple.

#3 AMSOIL Retailer Account

Amsoil retailer account business

AMSOIL Factory Direct Retail on-the-Shelf Account can 

If you are looking to sell AMSOIL products at your business. What locations do customers have access to AMSOIL products? Potential customers frequently conduct in-store searches for AMSOIL products.

Retailers who open AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Accounts make the sale to these customers and secure a highly profitable AMSOIL product line.


The Advantages of Establishing a Retail Account Factory Direct Wholesale Pricing

There are no setup fees and there are no minimum order requirements.
Net 30 days » Line of Credit (optional)
Profitability is excellent (35%).
Ordering via toll-free telephone or the Internet
Discounts on Freight
Cooperative advertising program for technical support
Online Advertising on-going

#4 AMSOIL Commercial Account 

Use AMSOIL Products In Maintaining Your  Company’s Equipment

commercial fleet amsoil products

AMSOIL recognizes the importance of keeping business operating costs to a minimum. That is precisely what the commercial account provides! Open an account today to take advantage of the enormous savings available. Save  your Business some $.

If you have a commercial business and are looking for way to maintain your work vehicles  and save money on your maintenance then Using AMSOIL products may be the answer.

AMSOIL commercial accounts, such as landscapers, trucking companies and taxi fleets, buy AMSOIL products at the lowest possible prices for use in their business vehicles and equipment. Plus you automatically earn purchase discounts based on your cumulative order total. Establishing a commercial account is simple and the benefits immense.

Wholesale Pricing Direct from the Manufacturer for Your Business!

AMSOIL Commercial Business Accounts are available to companies that purchase lubricants for use in company vehicles or equipment.

The AMSOIL Commercial Account enables you to purchase AMSOIL products at commercial wholesale prices for use in your business vehicles or equipment.

Who Should Submit an Application?

  • Municipal Fleets of
  • Over-the-Road Trucking (City,Township,County,State,Parks etc.)
  • Rental business (automobiles, trucks, recreational vehicles, etc.)
  • Busing for Manufacturing, Industrial, and Plant Applications (Municipal, Educational, etc.)
  • Equipment for Off-Road Use, 
  • Construction, 
  • Equipment for Off-Road Use, Construction, 
  • DeliveryTruck Companies 
  • Golf Courses
  • Marine Industry
  •  Governmental Organizations
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Company & Delivery Fleets

AMSOIL is the preferred choice in commercial fleets. AMSOIL saves hundreds of thousands of dollars when adopted in large fleets. We can show how your company can take advantage of AMSOIL products.

AMSOIL is proven to save money. Refer to this page for more information.

Note:If your business will resell AMSOIL products as a whole or as part of service
Please apply for AMSOIL Retail On-the-Shelf Account or AMSOIL Dealership instead.

Join the AMSOIL Family of Enthusiast 

Your vehicles and equipment are more than a means of transportation. They are an essential part of who you are. They help to define you. As is the case with us. Engineers, chemists, and manufacturers are who we are. We are, however, racers, gearheads, and thrill seekers. As with you, we thrive when we’re tinkering with our vehicles, fine-tuning their performance, or cruising down the highway.

Our time behind the wheel and under the hood enables us to personally witness the toll that horsepower, speed, and performance take on engines. That is why, in our chemical and mechanical laboratories, we formulate AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to push the boundaries of performance. Because our products must protect not only our vehicles, but also yours.

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