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What are the benefits of synthetic motor oil?

Synthetic Motor oil, unlike conventional oil, is created in a laboratory rather than distilled from crude oil. The lubricant is constructed from the ground up, starting with individual molecules such as ethylene. Formulators can then use only the purest, most uniform molecules, which are better for lubricating surfaces and creating fully synthetic engine oil.

To put it another way, synthetic motor oil provides numerous advantages over conventional motor oil, such as increased wear protection, improved engine cleanliness, and maximum fuel efficiency. While synthetic oil has advantages for all automobiles, it is especially beneficial for modern automobiles that use technologies like turbochargers, direct fuel injection, and variable valve timing to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions. Engine, turbo and fuel-injector deposits can be caused by the increased heat and contaminants from these technologies, making it vital to have premium synthetic motor oils.

Make sure your engine is well protected by using a high-quality oil filter and synthetic oil as well as good fuel additives.

AMSOIL’s extensive product line addresses a broad application base, including Automotive & Light Truck, ATV & UTV, Classic & Vintage Vehicles, Off Road & 4×4, Semi-Trailer Trucks,  Heavy Equipment, Boats & Personal Watercraft, Diesel Motors, Dirt Bikes, Compact Imports & Tuners, Racing, Motorcycles, Motor Homes, and Snowmobiles.


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AMOSIL Synthetic Motor Oil  lasts a long time and saves you money by letting you go longer between oil changes—15,000 miles in harsh conditions and 25,000 miles in normal conditions. Reduce the number of hours you spend each year changing your oil, and your vehicle will be at a dealership or mechanic’s shop less often.