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Synthetic Oil VS. Conventional Oil

synthetic oil vs conventional oil

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Synthetic Oil Lubricants is it for you?

Using Synthetic Oils extend life equipment

AMSOIL’s synthetic lubricants protect against wear, keep the engine clean, and use less gas than regular oils. Your vehicles will run better and last longer because of them.

Synthetic lubricants from AMSOIL are made with chemicals to make pure lubricants. They don’t have any impurities or molecules that don’t belong there. Their pure, uniform molecular structures give them properties that make them better than other lubricants at reducing friction, saving fuel, making a strong film, and working well in extreme temperatures.

On the other hand, conventional lubricants are made from crude oil that has been cleaned up. Contaminants like sulfur, nitrogen, oxygen, and metals like nickel or vanadium are a natural part of crude oil and can’t be completely removed by refining.

During the refining process, the different types of molecules in the oil are separated by weight. This leaves molecules with the same weight but different structures, which hurts performance.

can I mix regular oil with synthetic motor oil

What is synthetic motor oil?

We all pull up to the gas station and wonder how much a gallon of gas will cost this week because of unrest around the world and problems with the supply chain. So, we’re all looking for ways to save money on gas and get better gas mileage.

Here are some things to do and one thing to avoid if you want to get the most out of your gas. This list assumes you know how to use the cruise control, plan an efficient route, and switch to synthetic lubricants, which are the most common ways to save gas.


AMSOIL oil lubricants gives your car’s engine 75% more protection against loss of horsepower and wear than a leading industry standard requires*.

What’s the difference between AMSOIL signature and XL?

Check out this blog post to learn more about the different oil lubricants AMSOIL Products. 


See what happens when we heat up an air-cooled V-twin Harley-Davidson with AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Oil to more than 500°F.

AMSOIL Synthetic Motorcycle Lubricants are made to get the most out of V-twin engines, motorcycle transmissions, and primary chaincases. Guards against very high temperatures. Compatible with a wet clutch. The advanced synthetic formula doesn’t lose its viscosity, so it can keep important parts clean and safe.

Check out this link or click on the picture to learn more. 


Find out how AMSOIL’s synthetic lubricants save you money by helping you get the most out of your fuel and using less oil.


Find out how AMSOIL’s synthetic lubricants can save you money and time by lasting longer than conventional oils. Using AMSOIL oil lubricants you will have extended life for your equipment. 

Check out this post to learn about how to maintain your vehicle using AMSOIL products. 

Is synthetic oil better than conventional?

Is synthetic oil better than regular oil for my engine? Yes, synthetic oil is better than regular oil for your engine. Even though conventional oil (mineral oil) can do a good job of lubricating, it can’t compare to synthetics in terms of overall engine performance and protection.

Will synthetic oil hurt older engines?

It protects better, works better, and lasts longer, and it’s no longer made with a chemical compound that could hurt older cars. Modern synthetic oil is safe to use in all kinds of cars, from new ones to old ones that aren’t as well-known.

Can I switch from conventional oil to full synthetic?

You can change between the two at any time. In reality, synthetic blends are nothing more than a mix of synthetic oils and regular oils. If you need to add more oil, you should use the same oil. This will give you the best protection from the oil you chose.

Why AMSOIL? Superior protection against wear, improved fuel economy and better performance under extreme temperatures. AMSOIL is the only oil that is able to last up to 25,000 miles. Save yourself time and money and protect your car or truck by using AMSOIL products. Your vehicle will last longer and you will lower your maintenance expenses. Protect your Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Ford, Chrysler or any other vehicle with AMSOIL synthetic oil!

AMSOIL Best Synthetic Oil

 We advise you to consult your owners manual for proper fluid recommendations and to consult the appropriate repair manual for proper maintenance procedures and specs.  Follow all appropriate safety practices. We are not responsible for misuse of products.